Winners of the Video Contest Leipzig

Congratulations to our five winners!

From 22 July to 19 August 2016 Leipzig Tourism and the Saxon State Chancellery have realized an international video contest for video bloggers from around the world. The aim was to find five creative and talented video makers which participate in the Video Summit and in a one week post tour afterwards where the lucky five winners will each produce a video about Leipzig. With that individual created video content about Leipzig all five enter the last phase of the competition and can win a follow-up commission for 2017 in the amount of 10,000 euros as part of the “Simply Saxony” regional marketing campaign by the Free State of Saxony or a follow-up commission in the amount of 5,000 or 2,500 euros with Leipzig Tourism.

It was not an easy decision and it was NOT about numbers but about talent and individuality. The jury, consisting of the contest holders Leipzig Tourism and the Saxon State Chancellery as well as project partners Media Campus Villa Ida and Tourismuszukunft, is very happy about their Top 5 and especially that so many young video makers will get a chance to show their talent and to develop and learn within the whole process.

1. Tim Eddy

‚Tim Eddy grew up in a small town on the east coast of Australia, constantly creating films showcasing the beauty of his natural environment and his travels.

Tim enjoys creating a cinematic experience with his short films, always experimenting with new techniques to tell stories that engage audiences. He has created a vast range of short films, from his backcountry skiing adventures in the Australian alps to hiking in the New Zealand wilderness. His films aim to inspire people to explore the world around them and gain new perspectives of places familiar to them.

At only 18 years old, Tim, a keen aerial cinematographer, created his first aerial film,‘Australian Ocean‚, revealing the incredible beauty of the Australian coast and its wildlife. It was a huge success online earning him national media coverage and an outpouring of love for his local area from around Australia and the world.

Tim’s creative talents have been put to use by brands interested in creating a unique and lasting impression on their clients. His commercial work has taken him to destinations all over Australia, creating profiles of young surfers for a bank, revealing the charm of different towns for a real estate agency and depicting a unique farm stay experience in a secluded valley.

Tim is now travelling indefinitely, capturing the world…’

Tim Eddy

Tim Eddy

2. Adam Rikys 

Born and raised in New Zealand Adam sunk his teeth into directing projects whilst working at MTV for 3 years. There he managed and directed crews in all kinds of shooting environments – red carpet, celebrity interviews, multiple camera music performances and travel/lifestyle links based shows.

From there he went on to produce, direct and present a self funded travel show called ‚Wingin’ It‘. Teaming up with his best friend they set the mission to see how far round the world they could get with no plan or money. They made it to 17 countries and documented the whole crazy journey, eventually selling the show to New Zealand’s most watched youth TV network C4.

From there Adam has created some incredible filming opportunities for himself. From teaming up with tour companies in Thailand and Europe to volunteer organizations in Africa and Mexico he has circumnavigated the globe creating stories that he is passionate about sharing.

More recently though he has launched ‚Bucketvision‘. A bucket list style app that he hopes will inspire people to go after their goals and dreams. The BucketVision video marketing campaign has seen tremendous success in its short roll out. Focusing on short shareable facebook content the videos have been getting anywhere from 150K to 3.1 million views.

Adam Rikys

Adam Rikys

3. Christian Langenhan

After having landed a solid corporate job, his first major purchase was a Canon DSLR back in 2011. Ever since, Christian follows his two passions: Being outdoors whenever possible and capturing the beauty of our mother nature.
He publishes his works under the pseudonym „Heinrich Held Visuals“.

Christian Langenhan

Christian Langenhan

4. Patrick Schwarz 

Patrick was born in 1989 in the beautiful city Dresden. On his 13th birthday he got his first Skateboard and that took him to filming. He and his friends took the cameras from their parents and filmed each other on that piece of wood and made some short clips out of that. In the last year in school a classmate showed him some Snowboard videos from ”Isenseven”, which he really liked and which had a big influence on him.

After graduating in 2008 he bought his first professional HD Camcorder and from there on it wasn’t a hobby anymore, it was passion. From 2008 till 2010 he did some jobs and an Internship at a local TV station. In 2012 he finished a 2 year design technical assistant apprenticeship, then he started to study media informatics, but that wasn’t what he wanted. So he broke up, went to work freelance and created videos with his best friend Steffen. From there on he worked together or alone for a lot of different company’s and artists.

Patrick Schwarz

Patrick Schwarz

5. Paul Evan Becker

Always has a camera with him at all times and sees the world through a different perspective.

Was born in Gießen in 1998 and then moved to Leipzig in 2008 to go to the St. Thomas School, from where he will graduate next year. During his exchange year in the USA (2014/15) he decided to pick up his camera more often, taught himself more about photography and started sharing his photographs daily on his Instagram.

Besides music, he discovered his passion for photography and filmmaking which he now also shares on his YouTube channel. Paul would currently call himself an aspiring photographer/filmmaker and has tremendously strong hopes for a creative future.

Paul Evan Becker

Paul Evan Becker



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Comments on Winners of the Video Contest Leipzig

Colin MacRae

Five White males? Surely you could have had a more diverse selection? I say this as a white male filmmaker, we really need to have more diverse voices in the industry. This would have been a great opportunity to show that the industry is open to all. As they say in Eurovision, null points for the organisers


    Hello Colin,

    Thanks for your note. If there are no other applications there are no other applications to choose from. We cannot make them up, can’t we? Of course we would have love to show the diversity but we cannot fake it and will never ever do that. People have to make the effort to take part otherwise there are not a part of it. Sad to see how judgemental the world has become.