The Video Summit Leipzig

As we are preparing the Video Summit Leipzig it is time to let you know a little bit more about the idea behind it.

We all know and maybe have seen headlines like these: „The future of content marketing is online video.“ or „The future of the internet is video“. Many will agree or at least confirm that video is one of the most engaging, entertaining and interactive content formats nowadays. With the developments we have seen over the past years and especially with the rise of 360 videos we are looking into a bride future when ist comes to moving images and its marketing potential.

But especially with the latter, still, many questions seem unanswered: 

What do I need in order to run a successful YouTube channel?

How do I handle the different content video formats and needs of the different platforms?

How do I develop a successful video marketing strategy?

What kind of legal issues do I have to consider when it comes to video and especially live streaming?

What does visual storytelling actually mean and how can I use it to not only market but also sell my brand?

These are just a few questions we have on our agenda and we like to discuss them with experts, videographers and industry leaders from Germany and abroad. Furthermore we like to provide answers and best practices based on the developments we have seen over the last years and during the last month.

So the Video Summit Leipzig is not only a great networking platform when it comes to video it is also a an event where we put the focus on an important topic for a successful digital marketing and where we bring together experts dealing with it for years.

See you in Leipzig! 




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