Video Contest Leipzig Participation Terms

Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (hereinafter “LTM”) and the Free State of Saxony, represended by the State Chancellery (hereinafter “SK”), are conducting an international video contest in the context of the campaign „Simply Saxony“ which is aimed at video bloggers from around the world. These terms of participation govern especially the selection of winners in the contest.

1. Contest

The period for the submission of entries starts on 22 July and ends on 22 August 2016. Video applications may be submitted during this period. (See Point 2 for participation conditions.)

The jury, consisting of the contest holders LTM and SK as well as project partners Media Campus Villa Ida and Tourismuszukunft, will select 5 video bloggers from among all the submissions and invite them to Leipzig to participate in the Video Summit Leipzig from 4 to 5 October 2016. Following the Video Summit Leipzig, the 5 selected video bloggers will be sent on a post-convention tour through Leipzig from 6 to 12 October 2016 organized by LTM as part of the video contest. The post-convention tour is part of the contest and is not optional.

The selected video bloggers will be listed by name and with photos on the website (, and communicated via social media networks.

The objective is to produce short clips of not more than 3 minutes that present the city of Leipzig in all its diversity as a travel destination for music and culture enthusiasts, trade fair visitors, families and young travellers. Each of the 5 video bloggers will be assigned a specific topic and receive an in-depth briefing.

It is mandatory to include the logos of the organizers (LTM and SK) in the end credits of the produced videos.

All films produced and submitted may subsequently be used individually by the organizers of the Video Summit and their partners. The video bloggers will also disseminate their works through their own networks.

The jury will select 3 winners out of the five videos produced by December 2016 (see Point 3 for prizes). Winners will be informed via email. If the winner does not accept the prize within one month of being informed, the prize is forfeited.

Participation in the contest is free of charge.

2. Conditions for participation

The video bloggers compete to participate in the contest in the form of a video application. The video should explain why the applicant should win the video contest. Previously completed projects and video excerpts from them should be shown.

In addition, contestants must provide the following information in writing:

– Name, first name
– Date of birth
– Name, topic and reach of the blog/YouTube account
– Number of followers on YouTube, Vimeo and/or other platforms
– Reference projects
– Email address

The video may not exceed 1 minute in length or 500 MB in size. Any person at least 18 years old and with full legal capacity may participate.

Video applications must be submitted via by 22 August 2016 (final date for submissions) to the following email address: The written information is also to be sent to this address.

Videos not meeting the above criteria cannot be taken into consideration.

The 5 participants will be selected after the end of the submission period within one week. Participants will be informed via email. If a participant does not accept the invitation within two weeks of being notified, the claim is forfeited.

The application to participate in the video contest is independent of participation in the Video Summit.

The participant warrants that s/he is the copyright owner of the content used in his/her video. S/he assigns unrestricted rights of use for an unlimited period of time to the video to LTM and SK.

LTM and SK reserve the right to interrupt or terminate the contest at any time, without advance notice and without specifying a reason. LTM and SK are not obliged to review participants’ contest submissions for possible legal infringements.

3. Prizes

1st prize

The winner will receive a follow-up commission for 2017 in the amount of 10,000 euros plus VAT as part of the “Simply Saxony” regional marketing campaign by the Free State of Saxony. In consultation with SK, the winner will produce a video clip to market Saxony as a destination. The video will be approximately 3 minutes in length.

The Saxon destinations for this video production will be selected by SK. SK will receive an exclusive right of use to disseminate the video across all channels used in the regional marketing campaign (on- and offline), as well as to broadcast the video at events, trade fairs, etc. Further details, such as performance deadlines, invoicing, etc., will be agreed between SK and the winner in a separate contract.

2nd prize

The second prize winner will receive a follow-up commission from LTM for 2017 in the amount of 5,000 euros plus VAT. LTM will receive an exclusive right of use to disseminate the video (on- and offline) and to broadcast the video at events, trade fairs, etc. The video about a topic concerning the destination should be approximately 3 minutes in length. Further details will be agreed between LTM and the winner in a separate contract.

3rd prize

The third prize winner will receive a follow-up commission from LTM for 2017 in the amount of 2,500 euros plus VAT. LTM will receive an exclusive right of use to disseminate the video (on- and offline) and to broadcast the video at events, trade fairs, etc. The video about a topic concerning the destination should be approximately 1 minute in length. Further details will be agreed between LTM and the winner in a separate contract.

The prizes are non-transferable and must be claimed directly by the winner. It is not possebile to get the prizes in cash instead of the follow-up commission. The prizes are a paid contract for the campaigns mention above.

4. Rights of use

SK and LTM will receive an exclusive right of use to disseminate the 5 submitted contest video entries (on- and offline) and to broadcast them at events, trade fairs, etc. To this end, the 5 video bloggers shall assign to the three prize givers rights of use to the content submitted as part of the contest.

The rights of use will be unrestricted as to content, location or time. SK and LTM are therefore also entitled to assign the rights of use to third parties.

5. Exemption from liability

The participant warrants that the content used by the participant within the scope of the contest does not infringe any rights held by third parties, e.g. third-party trademark rights, copyrights or personality rights. The participant shall indemnify LTM and SK from and against all third-party claims arising as a result of the content submitted by the participant and undertakes to assist LTM in the defence of any such claims.

6. Data protection

The following personal information of the participants is collected by LTM for the purpose of holding and administering the contest: first name, last name, date of birth, telephone number and email address. The participant agrees that his/her contest submissions and the personal information provided may be used and disclosed by LTM in connection with the holding of the contest and related communications (first name, last name, profile name of the blog and/or social media networks).


8. Exclusions and disclaimer

Employees of LTM/the State Chancellery and their family members as well as employees of other companies involved in the contest and their family members are not entitled to participate in the contest. Third-party providers of competition entry services may also not participate. Participants who violate the terms of participation or manipulate the contest may be excluded from further participation in the contest with immediate effect. If there are grounds for an exclusion, prizes may be subsequently revoked, or adjustments made to the order of the prize winners.

9. Other provisions

Legal recourse in respect of the performance of the contest and the selection of the winners is excluded. The contest is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

10. Severability

Should individual provisions of these contest participation terms become or be found to be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected thereby. The invalid provision shall be replaced by such valid provision as comes closest to the intended purpose of the invalid provision.

11. Acceptance of contest participation terms

By participating in the contest, the participant confirms that s/he accepts the rules of the contest and its terms.