Steve Haenisch

Steve Haenisch

Steve is a German Videographer based in Hamburg. After quitting his job in 2012 he travelled through South America for 7 months, documenting his journey in more than 80 videos on his YouTube channel.

Soon after he began producing and hosting marketing videos for several brands and destinations, such as Lufthansa, Visit Finland, Ecuador, Bulgaria and the Canadian Tourism Board. Since May Steve is part of „Check In“, a travel show on DW TV ( which features one episode of him in each edition and broadcasts it worldwide in German, Spanish and English (

Steve just finished producing another documentary video series covering 3 months of travel in South America in partnership with Kristin Addis showcasing adventurous activities in rural Patagonia.

Videos of Steve: 

Trailer DW TV –

Video Finland –

Video Austria –

Video Riga –