Sebastian Linda

Sebastian Linda

Sebastian studied at the University of Darmstadt and finished his studies in 2008 with the Master of Arts in Media Direction.

After a one year journey through Asia he moved with his wife to Dresden in 2011. He has worked for numerous clients like Red Bull, Pepsi, Nike, Saturn, State of Saxony, Zalando and he is holding workshops for innovative filmmaking with numerous Television Companies.

He is the only one winning the German Webvideopreis 3 times in a row 2014,15,16 and winner of various awards like the Filmfest Dresden Award,  the Filmmaking Award of ITB Berlin, the Klappe Film Award Dresden or Audience Award Weimar. 

Loving Lanka:

Life is a Dance:

Sebastian will speak about his individual and very personal way into filmmaking and explores how he produces innovative unseen Films.