Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd is a world traveler who is passionate about sharing his experiences on YouTube with those interested in travel and the global lifestyle. He produces daily vlogs where he shares his life in the Caribbean and around the world with his audience in a fun, informative and authentic manner.  His goal is to share the full experience with his viewers to give them an in-depth idea of what being in a destination is actually like beyond the top activities and attractions.

Rob’s YouTube channel is appropriately called Stop Having a Boring Life.

His channel has amassed over 2,000,000 views and is growing month by month with an engaged audience interested in exotic destinations, foreign investment, experiential travel and making the most out of life. Rob also writes on Stop Having a Boring Life and is active on not just YouTube but most other social networks including Twitter  and Instagram as well. He has visited ~70 countries, collaborated with countless tourism boards and brands across the globe and has been part of award winning social media campaigns.

Recent Projects: 

Stop Having a Boring Life in Serbia

Stop Having a Boring Life in South Africa

Stop Having a Boring Life in Jordan