Matty Brown

Matty Brown

Matty Brown is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington. He travels the world making various creative projects: documentaries, music videos, commercials, museum installations, art films and travel/tourism productions, and is now writing, directing, and producing short films. Coming from very humble beginnings, Matty had to learn to think creatively and maximize whatever filmmaking tools he could find. He subsequently developed a very unique shooting and editing style that has influenced the filmmaking community and rippled through travel, commercial, and narrative films across the globe.

He sees the world on a more emotional level and thinks intuitively to tell his story. Matty loves to take his viewers on a rollercoaster of intimacy and a flood of inspiration, nostalgia, and anticipation that builds to a powerful climax . He loves to tug at the heart strings and compels this audience to care about his subjects, even finding beauty in the mundane. The mesh of his complex and signature transitions, his unique camera movements, and meticulous sound design are all what make him the budding filmmaker he is becoming recognized for.
Matty is the most Staff Picked artist on Vimeo in the world, with 16 Staff Picks. His work has been featured in various media like the New York Times, Indiewire, Fstoppers, NoFilmSchool, CBS News, 60 Minutes, and recurring times in The Atlantic Magazine. Matty has been commended by multiple governments and country ambassadors including the Polish Government, Polish Ambassador of the UK Witold Sobków and Polish Consulate of NYC. His films have screened at film festivals all over the world including the Seattle International Film Festival, Doha Tribeca Film Festival and New Directors New Films Festival. He was also nominated for a Young Director award in Cannes in 2015.

Outside of filmmaking, Matty loves exploring the outdoors, embarking on travel adventures, playing with dogs, gardening, volunteering for charity causes, listening to orchestras, experiencing and understanding other cultures and going to the movies.

Recent work:


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