Gareth Leonard

Gareth Leonard

Gareth Leonard is a Marketing Director turned Adventure Capitalist with a passion for slow, meaningful travel.

From building libraries in Bolivia to working at the World Cup in Brazil, Gareth’s goal is to experience a foreign place through the people and culture that define it.

The idea is to develop local relationships and experiences in hopes of going from a tourist – who knows nothing about a place – to understanding life through local eyes – like a townie.

Over the past six years, Gareth has documented it all on his popular travel blog,, as well as his YouTube Channel, where recent highlights include a 15-part web series called “Travel Deeper Brazil” with the Brazilian Tourism Board, a Nepal Earthquake Relief Campaign, and the “ThaiFitChallenge” video series with GoPro, Adidas and Amazing Thailand.

Gareth’s most recent project is a web series called “Travel Deeper Australia” featuring various regional tourism organizations.

Latest Projects:

Travel Deeper Australia

Thailand Mini Series

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Walks of Turkey Series

Travel Deeper Brazil