Carina Stöwe

Carina Stöwe

Carina Stöwe is a German travel videographer who has been working in the video industry since 2007. After developing video campaigns for clients like Porsche and Hugo Boss she made her way into social media and created her own channel TRAVEL RUN PLAY.  She is known for her unique video style and inspirational, thought-provoking content about destinations and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, working side by side with tourism boards such as Galapagos/Ecuador or the Philippines and international brands like Patagonia and Garmin.

Her authentic and playful approach to videomaking led her to the first prize in the South Tyrol Media Award in 2015 and into the top ten of the German Webvideopreis in the category „Lifestyle“.

For the last 1,5 years she’s been documenting her road trip along the famous Pan-American Highway from Tierra del Fuego to California in her 30 year old VW Westfalia Van. 



Trinidad, Cuba in two minutes

Six months on the Pan-American Highway

VLOG from Tulum, Mexico

Valparaiso, Chile in two minutes