Masterclass 2

‚Professional Travel Filmmaking‘

on 25 September in Leipzig, Germany

Kongresshalle Leipzig

Your trainers are:
Mike Corey and Caspar Diederik

This Video Masterclass is designed to take you Intermediate to Advanced. It’s dedicated to those already comfortable creating videos, but want to know the techniques professional travel filmmakers use to impress clients and get more views.

During the workshop, we’ll do more than show you. We will help you create interesting transitions, compose beautiful sound design, and use the best tips and tricks we’ve learned in 5 years of professional travel filmmaking.

Making videos should feel like painting. The tools, the technology, the keyboard should all fade away. The goal of the day is to double your creativity behind the camera and the computer. And to give you a fresh new approach to travel filmmaking.

Agenda (8 hours with breaks):

START 9:30 am

Coffee & Storytime
– Dissecting popular travel videos. How did they do that? What are the elements that make a story?

Gear Talk & Video Techniques
– Timelapses, Hyperlapses, slow motion… Why do we choose the equipment we do?

Mastering the Rules of Video
– Frame Rate vs. Shutterspeed. Codecs and Filetypes, etc. What are the things you “should do”?

BREAK 10:00 – 10:15 am

Breaking the Rules of Video.
– How to creatively bend and break all of the above rules to your benefit.

Sound Design
– Let’s think about video differently, and double the power of your creations.

Video Transitions AKA „The big secret”
– How pros use camera movement, speed changes, and sound to put you on a visual rollercoaster.

1 hour lunch

The Video Scavenger Hunt
– Head outside to practice the techniques supplied on a list.

Sorting & Organizing video
– Creating a streamlined layout to maximize your creativity when editing.

Finding & Using Music.
– Where to get it, how to licence it, and the mistakes we make.

Colour Correction & Masking
– How to control their eyes, and make your shots pop.

Exporting & Sharing
– Videos on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. How, Where and Why.

END 6:00 pm

Everyone need to bring a camera, a laptop and a editing programme. (Mike and Caspar are working with Final Cut Pro. They are to a certain extend able to show others how their editing programme works and often it is about the idea of the technique or effect.)

The number of tickets is limited to 20.