Discover Leipzig from different perspectives


All around the world Leipzig is known for its rich history in music. Surely you have heard names like Wagner, Bach, Mendelssohn and Schuman. It was thanks to those great composers that Leipzig has been one of the most important centers of music in Europe over the centuries. Beside these historical figures who brought Leipzig into prominence there is still a lot going on today! Have you ever heard the magical voices of of the St. Thomas Boys Choir for example? Although the singers are young, the choir itself is over 800 years old. Regardless of its impressive age this traditional choir, which was directed by Bach himself over 27 years, is still drawing music lovers from all over the world. Celebrating its rich heritage, Leipzig invites visitors and locals every year to music festivals and tours. Last year, for example, 50,000 people met for the open-air concert Klassik Airleben in Leipzig’s popular Rosental park. Having a picnic with thousands of friends while listening to the Gewandhaus Orchestra playing Mendelssohn – welcome to Leipzig.

Unser Gewandhaus bei Nacht - ©Daniel Rödiger

Unser Gewandhaus bei Nacht – ©Daniel Rödiger

If you are more into modern tunes, you are going to love the big and small concert venues that can be found all over the city. From huge stadiums that host shows of world-famous artists to small pubs with local talents – there is something for everybody. Even in the public space countless street musicians fill the city center with great tunes – music is all around in Leipzig!

Leipziger Nachtleben - ©Benjamin Bodnar

Leipziger Nachtleben – ©Benjamin Bodnar

Nature and Leisure

One third of Leipzig is covered in a green belt. From any given point in the city it is only a few minutes on foot to one of the numerous parks. No matter if you want to have a nice barbecue or go for a run: the green lungs of the city are waiting for you. One of the favorite activities of every local is to hop on the bike and visit one of the beautiful lakes that surround Leipzig. In summer they are great to escape the heat of the city and in winter they are the perfect destination for a romantic walk in nature. Be sure not to leave Leipzig without having visited the zoo, also known as the “Zoo of the future”, which houses over 850 different species from all over the world. Urban vibes with green escapes: Leipzig is the city for nature lovers!

Studenten genießen die Herbstsonne - ©Andrea Kaim

Studenten genießen die Herbstsonne – ©Andrea Kaim

Art and Museums

Leipzig just celebrated its 1,000th anniversary and has plenty of history to offer. In the numerous museums of the city you can learn about all the big and small events that have shaped Leipzig. If you want to find out more about the Battle of the Nations, you should visit the museum and monument of the same name. Are you interested in more recent historical events? Make sure to pass by the Forum of Contemporary History. These are just two examples of the countless history museums all over the city – you name it, we have it! But it does not stop there! Art is also big in Leipzig, be it the old masters or contemporary, experimental art installations. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts to see a collection of 3,500 paintings and 1,000 statues or take a stroll though the so called Spinnerei to see artists at work. Don’t be afraid of a rainy day in Leipzig! There are by far enough museums and galleries to stay warm and entertained for days.

MuseumDerBildendenKünste - ©WolfgangFranke

MuseumDerBildendenKünste – ©WolfgangFranke

Urban Scene

As one of the oldest university cities in Germany, Leipzig is a young people’s favourite and has a vibrant urban scene of art, music, festivals and cool places to explore. Just take a walk through the different quarters of the city which all hold their own charm with unique architecture, little cafés and bars. From Shopping well known brands in the city center to little independent design-stores in the hip districts Südvorstadt and Plagwitz – you won’t go home without a bunch of new favourite pieces! For a fun night out Leipzig holds plenty of clubs and Pubs, bars and restaurants. All the possibilities can make it hard to decide which party to pick or where to stop for a coffee break. But don’t worry, for extra special insider tips and recommendations see our Leipzig’s hidden treasures. (

Baumwollspinnerei - ©Oskar Gotter

Baumwollspinnerei – ©Oskar Gotter

roof with a view - ©Kay Fochtmann

roof with a view – ©Kay Fochtmann